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Gipuzkoa's Larraul is located in Tolosaldea region, on the foothill of Murgil Mountain. We can start our visit in the singular town square with its many farmhouses and the most representative buildings such as the church of San Esteban.


The construction has ribbed vaults and a pointed arch in the facade. The Town Hall is next to the church and combines modern features with traditional ones. The ethnographic museum of Larraul is also worth visiting, as the exhibit shows differences between the ancient elements and the new ones of the farmhouses in the area.


Fascinating natural environment

Larraul's fascinating natural environment provides tourists with the opportunity to go for a relaxing stroll. If we walk up the road that begins in the town square, we will have an impressive picture of the neighbouring tows, as well as of Mount Ernio (1,075m). Besides, many manorial farmhouses will catch our attention such as hydraulic facilities and mills, with document papers from the 14th century.


Larraul is worth a visit any time, but especially in August, since the town celebrates San Esteban's festival. The festival kicks off on August 3rd. At the end of August the town also holds another festival in honour of San Bartolomé.

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