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Lazkao is located in the southeast of the historical territory of Gipuzkoa, within Goierri region. Set on the banks of the river Agaunza and on the foot of Aralar Mountain Range, the town is encompassed by low mountains such as Iramendi (866m) and Esparru (730m).


The population is concentrated in the urban area, as well as in small neighbourhoods and neighbouring farmhouses. The town centre houses artistically interesting buildings such as Lazkao Palace, which dates back to the 17th century and is surrounded by a wide garden. Benedictinos Monastery is also an interesting place to go. It was founded in 1640 by María Lazkao, wife of the well-known Admiral Oquendo. Opposite to this construction, we also find Monjas Bernardas Convent and close to it, the parish church of San Miguel, of Gothic style, one of the 12th century monuments.


Natural landscape of spectacular beauty

The hermitages of San Prudencio and San Juan Bautista are located outside the town centre. The hermitage of San Juan Ante Portam-Latinam (aka San Juan Txiki) in the Lazkaomendi neighbourhood, is a privileged spot which offers a spectacular view of Mounts Txindoki (1,346m) and Ernio (1,075m), of Murumendi (859m), Aizkorri Mountain (1,528m) and of Aralar Mountain Range.


Lazkao celebrates San Prudencio´s patron saint festival at the end of April. Among the many scheduled events, we should mention the cycling race that has taken place for the last 50 years, as well as the children's "Tamborrada" (parade of drummers dressed in elegant uniforms dating from Napoleonic times) or the procession on San Prudencio's Day on April 28th.

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