General view of Valle de Carranza

Karrantza/Carranza Valley

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Karrantza/Carranza Valley is located in the interior of the historical territory of Bizkaia, in the Encartaciones region.


We can enjoy the Natural Park of Armañón that houses 200 caves and simas. Nearby is the Torca del Carlista, sima only accessible to expert speleologists, considered the largest in Europe.


We are in one of the nicest and most unknown areas of Bizkaia, protected by a totally natural and green landscape. We'll find the Peñas de Ranero, which houses the Pozalagua cave, full of stalactites and stalagmites that form one of the most outstanding speleologic spectacles in Europe.




Once visited this wonder, we can visit the church of San Andrés de Biañez, which nowadays houses a museum and a magnificent retable. The church San Bartolomé de Aldeacueva is also an outstanding construction of baroque and neoclassic style dating back to the 18th century.


Megalithic route and Ecological Park of Bizkaia

Following our route, we will notice the megalithic route of Haizko. An outstanding route due to its numerous and interesting monuments, such as the Fuentellano dolmen and La Cabaña necropolis.


After that, we'll visit the Karpin Fauna, the Ecological Park of Bizkaia. Many different species inhabit the park and the visitor learns about them and, at the same time, has a good time. Besides, a park on dinosaurs has been fitted out.

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