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Legorreta is situated in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa, to be specific, under the shelter of Zazpiturrieta, Igetagain and Astolokomendi Mountains in Goierri region. Legorreta preserves many splendid buildings such as the church of San Salvador, which dates back to the 16th century and combines baroque and Gothic characteristics. The church houses a golden altarpiece that is divided into three parts, as well as many religious paintings.


But Legorreta's most interesting construction is the hermitage of Santa Ana, which is located on the road to Koate and has a curious trapezium shape.


Impressive natural environment

As well as its neighbouring towns, Legorreta has a rich natural environment. So after visiting the town's most riveting buildings, we could do some trekking in the predominantly green surroundings. If we head towards the Esnaola neighbourhood, we will observe multiple farms spread across the landscape. Legorreta's cultural schedule is packed with events during the year.


The town's patron saint festival, for example, is celebrated 40 days after Easter. Besides, the Corpus' festival should also be mentioned, since it is a popular event where "cuadrillas" (groups of friends), meet to have a picnic tea and the atmosphere cannot be more amusing and entertaining.

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