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Lizartza is located in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa within the Tolosaldea region, by the Otsabio mountain (801m) in the narrow valley of the river Araxes, and bordering Navarre. We could start our visit in the elongated shape town, with the river flowing in parallel with the urban area. Crossing a stone-bridge, we will reach the square where we will find many fascinating buildings such as the Town Hall and the parish church of Santa Catalina.


The latest is built on a step platform and has a truly noble bearing. The construction combines Renaissance and Neo-classical elements showing that its construction took place in different stages. Visitors will admire a magnificent high bell tower. Close to the church we will find the hermitage of Magdalena, dating back to the 17th century. On the outskirts of the town the presence of the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Sagrario offers the story of the sculpture of the Virgin, which was brought from Flanders in the 17th century.


natural environment

After this cultural route, we could go for a walk in the vicinities and enjoy the fresh air. The landscape is dotted with farmhouses, as well as green meadows and woods. Besides, a spring flows along the exceptional area. Its water has been exploited since 1860. The inhabitants of Lizartza celebrate the town's patron Saint festival at the beginning of September. The festival honours Natividad de Nuestra Señora and begins on September 8th.

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