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Located in the south-east historical territory of Gipuzkoa, Segura was founded in the 13th century on the banks of the river Oria and in a beautiful environment surrounded by marvellous mountains such as Aitzgorri (1,528m) and Txindoki (1,346m), among others.

Segura is one of the 18 municipalities that constitute the Goierri region. In past times it was one of the main trade routes between Castilla and the coast, so that it turned one of the most important cities of Gipuzkoa in the Middle Ages.

Nowadays Segura is declared a historical-artistic monument. It is an oval-shaped town and the municipality still preserves its medieval charm, with its ancestral houses and palaces that reflect the nobility of their past. Among these buildings there are remarkable palaces such as Lardizabal and Jauregi, and the parish church of Nuestra Señora de La Asunción, a Gothic-style construction whose baroque-rococo retable is described as historical-artistic monument. Gebara and Ardixarra houses are also worth mentioning. The latest is home to the Medieval Interpretation Centre; a house-workshop dating back to the 16th century whose wooden structure is perfectly preserved. Many routes on the outskirts of the urban area invite to for a walk around the surroundings of Segura. Santa Barbara (730m) Mountain, the neighbourhood of Santa Engracia and the neighbouring town Zerain area remarkable places.

Traditions and Fiestas

The town is popular for its Holy Week procession, one of the traditions currently in force transmitted generation after generation. Penitents, Roman soldiers, musicians... travel over the urban area each Holy Thursday and Holy Friday. Segura's most important festivity, San Juan's patron Saint festival, is held in the second fortnight of June. Besides, the town celebrates many traditional festivals and fairs during the year: Flowers and Plants Fair in April; Basque Country's Poultry Fair in September; a Medieval market and above all, Basque Country's Traditional Dance Contest that is held in Segura since 1977 and attracts many people every year.

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