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Ormaiztegi is located inland in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa within the Goierri region. The river Eztanda is present in the area and Español (433m) and Akarreo (365m) Mountains encompass the town. A fascinating construction will attract our attention as soon as we get in Ormaiztegi.


We are talking about an iron viaduct that was inaugurated in 1864 and in the old days, it used to be the main connection among Ormaiztegi and the port of Pasaia, Aragón and Castile. Likewise, Ormaiztegi is home to the parish church of San Andrés and a relic in its interior: a baptismal font from the 8th century with interesting geometrical engravings.


The Zumalakarregi Museum; the Basque Country in the 19th century

Besides, we should not forget to visit the Zumalakarregi Museum, which was the birth house of well-known Carlist general Tomas de Zumalakarregi. The museum houses some of his personal belongings, as well as important mail and documents. In order to become acquainted to the First Carlist War, exhibition panels and an audiovisual montage provide complete information. Ormaiztegi has a full entertainment guide.


The town's patron saint festival honouring San Andrés is celebrated at the end of November. The Children's Tamborrada (Drummers parade), open-air dances and rural sports are some of the scheduled events during those days.

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