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Mendata is located on the upper part of the Busturialdea region, where the famous Basque poet Bittoriano Gandiaga was born, in the valleys of the historical territory of Bizkaia. The area combines plains and mountains. 7-km from Gernika-Lumo, Busturia is sheltered by the green mountains that hide an exceptional natural spot: The Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai, one of the wettest and most important areas on the Bay of Biscay due to its landscape and ecological value.


The town has a marked rural nature and it is very attached to the country houses and the activities implemented in its surroundings. Over centuries the inhabitants of Mendata have devoted their lives to grow wheat and corn and cattle raising. Nowadays the Idatze Etxea, an interpretation-centre on country houses, shows rural land's everyday life over the last decades.


Heritage and nature

Along with Elexalde, three neighbourhoods form Mendata: Albiz, Marmiz and Olabe. There are a few interesting buildings in the first two such as the Palacio de Albiz Palace. Dating from the 18th century, the baroque building has the arms of coats of Albiz and Allende Salazar families. The church of Santa María Magdalena, which dates back to 15th century, keeps a Renaissance altarpiece. In Olabe, the tower-house Montalbán, placed on a hill, dominates several valleys. In Mendata's main centre, Elexalde, we'll admire the beautiful church of San Miguel.


Of Gothic-Renaissance style and dating from the 10th century, it has a nave with five altarpieces, a porch surrounding the building and beautiful square-shaped tower. As for its surroundings, Mendata offers many trekking routes that display Busturialdea's charms. A few kilometres from the urban centre, the famous viewpoint Balcón de Bizkaia offers magnificent views of the territory: the vast sandy areas formed by the estuary of the ria de Gernika. In September Mendata hosts a very popular poultry fair. Likewise, its patron Saint festival takes place on September 29, consecrated to San Miguel.

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