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  • Collegiate Church of Zenarruza
  • Collegiate Church of Zenarruza
  • The St. James Way's Coastal Route
  • Simón Bolívar Museum
  • Bolibar
  • Church of Santo Tomás


Belonging to Lea-Artibai region, Ziortza-Bolibar is located near the frontier with Gipuzkoa, sheltered by Mount Oiz (1,026 m). The municipality consists of two main towns: Ziortza (Cenarruza), where one of the oldest religious spots is situated, and Bolibar, formerly known as La Puebla de Bolibar.


Collegiate Church of Zenarruza

Departing from Bolibar town centre, a road leads to the Collegiate Church of Zenarruza, one of the most important historic spots throughout the Way of St. James along the coast. Declared Basque National Monument, this is the only collegiate church in Bizkaia. It is formed by several buildings such as the church, the cloister, the abbot's house, the pilgrims' hospital (today a hostel), the fences, the settlers' houses, the calvary, the medieval road and the eastern and western gates.


Bolibar is famous all over the world due to the fact that Libertador Simón Bolívar's ancestors, historic leader of American independence, came from here. Nowadays, his old family home, the Caserío Errementarikua, houses the Simón Bolívar Museum. There, we will know every details of this celebrity's life and, this way, we can immerse in history for some moments. Next to the museum there is a bust of the Libertador, donated by the Venezuelan government.


At the porch of Santo Tomas church (built between the 17th and 18th c.) there is a chapel with an image of Nuestra Señora de Coromoto, patron saint of Venezuela.


Furthermore, in Ziortza-Bolibar we can visit the interesting neighbourhoods Zeinka and Arta. In this last one we will find the old chapel San Pedro (11th c.), which has a Mozarabic window built in one of its walls and carved in sandstone. 

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