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Well-known for its cider-making tradition and eel fishing, this small municipality in Gipuzkoa province is a stone's throw from the coast and sheltered by the mountains of Andatza (562 m) and Mendizorrotz (415 m). Usurbil has many historical buildings that will catch our attention. The Old Town houses the Atxega Palace, a Baroque-style construction that was built in the 18th century and was declared a historical artistic monument.


We will also find fascinating the Saroe House, which facade stands out for its rich decoration. San Salvador's Church is situated opposite to it. The temple has a Baroque tower and an altarpiece of the 17th century. The neighbourhoods that constitute Usurbil present different characteristics such as the Aginaga neighbourhood, which has always had a long fishing tradition. Besides, we should not forget to mention the area of San Esteban, where we will find a cosy hermitage. According to the locals, people visit it in order to relieve headaches. From there, we will be able to admire the charming environment. If we go on up the road, we will finally arrive at Andatza Hill, a place with lush grasslands.


Cider's culture

Together with Astigarraga and Hernani, Usurbil is well known because of its cider¿s tradition. From January to May, people goes to the cider houses to taste delicious cider and a yummy menu. Apart from a cultural visit, Usurbil provides a great opportunity to have a lot of fun at Santa Isabel's patron saint festival at the beginning of July. Some neighbourhoods also hold their own celebrations, such as San Esteban's festival on August 3rd and San Francisco de Aginaga's festival on October 4th. Besides, in May Usurbil celebrates the Sagardo Eguna or Cider Day, an event that is attended by all cider makers of Gipuzkoa.

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