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Zestoa is located in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa within the Urola Kosta region. We will find it at the foot of the Izarraitz massif by the river Urola. Of great thermal tradition, it is well known for its springs' curative properties. Open since 1804, its spa allows enjoying its waters discovered at the end of the 18th century.


In the Belle Époque Zestoa attracted the European aristocracy giving way to the creation of a hotel, the emblematic building of the spa. Nowadays Zestoa's Gran Hotel-Balneario is the only one in the Basque Autonomous Region. Completely restored, it offers the latest technologies in hydrotherapy with different types of swimming pools, toilets, showers and steam. The building has a capacity of 213 people and was awarded the Q tourist quality certificate.


Urban centre of Zestoa


Very close to Zumaia, Zestoa is located within the Urola Kosta. The town is easily accessible, as it is located very close to the A-8 motorway, through which we will reach Donostia-San Sebastián in 20 minutes.


Apart from the spa, Zestoa is home to beautiful buildings that will fascinate us. In the very urban centre, Portalekoa, Lizenziadokua, Arretxe are some of Zestoa's most emblematic constructions. But we should not forget to mention another important treasure in the nearby: the Lili Palace, a medieval construction dating back to the 16th century. If we go across Zubiaurre Bridge, we will run into this ashlar construction of Gothic style.


Archaeological remains


The are important archaeological remains in the surroundings of Zestoa. Idiakaitz and Irikaitz, i.e., are outstanding due to the age of their materials among other features. Some of these remains belonged to the ancient Palaeolithic (it is the first remains of this age found in Gipuzkoa).


In addition to this, the Ekain cave is remarkable despite belonging to the town of Deba, but the access is from Zestoa. This sanctuary is well known for the important cave paintings found inside: bears, deers and horses dating from Magdalenian times. Nowadays the cave is close to the public and visits are only allowed under restricted authorisation.


However, after remaining hidden for thousands of years, the treasures of this cave can now be seen in the replica created in the cave of Ekain, named Ekainberri and located in the Sastarrain valley 600 metres from the original cave, a stone's throw from the centre of Zestoa.


On the other hand, Zestoa celebrates its main festival in honour of Natividad de Nuestra Señora at the beginning of September. The town square becomes an improvised bullring, where bullfights with young bulls take place. In spring, the town also hosts Santa Cruz's festival with its tamborrada (Drum parade) and the cattle fair San Esteban at Christmas time, where there are exhibits and sale of country house products apart from fruit, vegetables, honey, cheese and cider contests. 

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