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Zizurkil is situated in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa and belongs to the Tolosaldea region. The town is located on the left bank of the river Oria and 20 kilometres from Donostia-San Sebastián. The town is composed of an urban centre -divided in two areas (Zizurkil Behera and Zizurkil Goikoa)- that is encompassed by wonderful meadows and country houses. The centre access can be made through an old footbridge over the river Oria that connects with Elbarrena neighbourhood, in the low part of the village and near the neighbouring Villabona. Two kilometres higher we will find the main urban area, where most of the services gather. We could start our visit at the church of San Millán, a baroque temple that looks like a fortress. Its wooden atrium is considered on of the most beautiful ones in Gipuzkoa and is has a unique nave as well as ribbed vaults. In the surroundings of the church we will find many interesting buildings such as the Culture Centre/Eliz Gain, Etxeberri, Iriarte, Portxeta and San Millán. The latter still preserves some medieval characteristics. The Town Hall, on the other hand, has an arcade of four arches, square plan, an arcade with three arches and a big coat of arms on its facade. Zizurkil country houses Likewise it is worth visiting rural neighbourhoods in Zizurkil and admiring the beautiful country houses such as Buztin Ballara's Lardamuño, Mendi Ballara's Andia, Areta and Venta de Zárate, and finally Berastegi, Legarralde and Luzuriaga in Akezkoa Ballara. After we finish the cultural visit, we could climb up Andatza Mountain (562m), a typical place for local hikers. To get there, we have to join the forest path that starts at Zizurkil's town centre and heads towards the farmhouse of Zárate. A large open field forming an incomparable picture surrounds the spot. Zizurkil celebrates Asunción's festival on August 15th and San Millán's festival on November 12th. Besides, the Elbarrena neighbourhood honours Arantzazu, patron Saint of Gipuzkoa, on September 9th.

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