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Famous for its left wave that annually attracts numerous surfers, Mundaka is a colourful fishing town located on the left bank of the estuary of the ria of Mundaka.

The coastal town is situated in the Urdabai Biosphere Reserve, which is formed by wide marshes and 12-km of extensive sandy areas that give shelter to migratory birds. It privileged location turns Mundaka into one of Bizkaia's favourite destinations for tourists on the coast.

The port, with its unmistakable salt residue smell, is the town's centre and in its surroundings we will admire some interesting buildings such as the municipal library -former hospital on the road to Santiago-, the beautiful Town Hall, the Renaissance-style parish church of Santa María, the palacio Larrinaga palace... A bit further from the town centre it is worth visiting the hermitage of Santa Catalina, on a small hill by the sea. It is impossible not enjoying the spectacular views (cape of Ogoño, the island of Izaro) the estuary of the ria of Urdaibai offers.

The left wave

Mundaka is undoubtedly famous for its left wave. Surfers all around the world come to Mundaka to discover first hand the quality of its waves. Surfing has converted into a regular practice on the coastal town. In fact, Mundaka schedules annually world championships.

Festivals and traditions

Mundaka celebrates its main festivals at the end of June consecrated to San Pedro. Many events fill the schedule such as concerts, processions, carnival figures with large heads. The last weekend in August the Fiesta Vasca/Euskal Jaiak offer a splendid sample of the regional folklore.

Although its carnival is one of the most ancient in the Basque Country that attracts most visitors. That Sunday male inhabitants dress up as Atorrak and women as Lamiak. A musical group parades to the strains of music till early morning across the streets of Mundaka.

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