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Located in a little mountain range parallel to Triano Mountains and sheltered by Serantes Mountain (451m), Sestao is situated in the historical territory of Bizkaia, on the left bank of the ria of Bilbao, and belongs to the Greater Bilbao.

Sestao represents an accurate portrait of the past, present and future evolution of Greater Bilbao's life.

It was originally a settlement for fishermen and in history books Sestao appears as a representative spot in wars between clans in the last century of the Middle Ages. However, it was at the end of the 19th century when Sestao underwent a major demographic evolution due to the quick development of the naval, iron and steel industry. The growth maintained until the 70s of the past century thanks to the establishment of very representative firms in the industrial development of Bizkaia, such as Altos Hornos de Vizcaya and Astilleros Españoles.

Nowadays the naval, iron and steel sectors, along with the metallurgy, chemistry and the electric are the most representative industrial activities in the town. As the trace remains of the dismantled installations of Altos Hornos de Vizcaya we will notice one of its high towers, listed historic monument by the Basque government.

Green spots

Leaving aside the industry, Sestao is home to numerous interesting places for visitors. Among the most interesting places in Sestao we'd like to mention the Parque de la Iglesia park, whose gardens host a shot of Gernika's Tree. Likewise, near the park we'll find the beautiful church of Santa María, an appealing building improved in 1864.

Moreover, we can have a nice walk through the Markonzaga park, close to the Town Hall, including green areas, a little wooden bridge, an amphitheatre with cultural events and other decorative elements. There are lively spots such as the Parque de las Camporras/Ondéjeda that is equipped with tables, barbecues and a playground, the modern Plaza de San Pedro square downtown, recreational areas and culture centres where most of the social life of Sestao inhabitants takes place. From the Parque de la Benedicta park by the ria there is a beautiful promenade that links up Sestao with the neighbouring Portugalete and even with the picturesque Santurtzi port.

Sestao's patron Saint festival takes place at the end of June. San Pedro is held on June the 29th, however the festivals, popular games, parades give way to the San Juan (Saint Joan) night until June the 30th. Besides, Sestao inhabitants hold festivals of San Ignacio, Santiago and Santa Rosa.

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