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Munitibar, formed by Arbatzegi and Gerrikaitz neighbourhoods and placed on the foothill of Oiz Mountain, belongs to the Lea-Artibai region. Apart from the centre, Munitibar has another four neighbourhoods: Berreño-Aldaka, Gerrika, Gerrikaitz and Totorika. We'll begin our visit in Uriona and Totorika; the first stands out because of its 16th century country houses, whereas Totorika's historic feature is the hermitage of San Juan de Totorika, full of interest. Munitibar's rural background is formed by a centre revolving around the parish church; moreover, we'd like to mention the beautiful Neo-classical church of Santa María de Gerrikaitz and the parish church of San Vicente de Arbatzegi. Likewise, the municipality's many hermitages and Elortza and Olatxu mills complete Munitibar's historic heritage. Bizkaia's balcony, extraordinary viewpoint on the Oiz mountain Thanks to its privileged location on the foothill of Oiz Mountain Munitibar offers different trekking routes that allow enjoying nature to the visitor: This way, we'll discover magnificent spots such as the source of the river Lea or Bizkaia's balcony, where we¿ll admire almost the whole Urdaibai region. Munitibar-Arbatzegi-Gerrikaitz celebrates its patron Saint festival on June 29, consecrated to San Pedro.

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