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Located in Txorierri, the character of this municipality changed from rural to industrial, due to an industrialisation process developed in the area with the airport acting as energising element. Nowadays the airport is situated in the neighbouring Loiu.


Formed by four neighbourhoods ¿Basozabal, Izarza, Landa (field) and Zangroiz-, among the different buildings forming their historic heritage, we'd like to mention the urban area where we will find the baroque palace Goiri Erdikoa, which dates back to the 18th century. And the palace Beike, dating from the 18th century as well, is also close to the airport and was declared Historical Monument. It is also worth mentioning the marvellous hermitages of Santa Cruz, San Martín and San Roque, and the 18th-century windmill Aixerrota, and a Roman bridge.


Nature and leisure

Sondika's natural landscape allows the enjoyment of relaxing walks; if we take the path leading to Izarza, in the village centre itself, we'll arrive in Artxanda hill, which offers a great view of the territory's capital and its surroundings. Moreover, we can visit Larrabarrena park with its green meadows and open spaces. Likewise, we'd like to mention that Sondika hosts an airfield offering the opportunity to enjoy a great perspective of the area.


That's one of the most singular tourism features of the region. Sondika holds many festivals all through the year; on the one hand, on June 24 San Juan festival takes place in the homonym open field. Santa Cruz festival, on the other hand, takes place on September 14 in Larrabarrena park. We cannot forget the agricultural, cattle and craftsmanship fair in November including livestock exhibit, sale of autochthonous and artisan products, txakoli and Idiazabal cheese tasting, and exhibition of farming activities.

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