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Located in the south east of Bizkaia, in the frontier with Alava, Ubide is the highest town of the historic territory, situated 581 metre high, in a valley of gentle slopes, sheltered by mountains not higher than 800 metres. This small town belonging to Arratia region, consists of two neighbourhoods: Magdalena and San Juan, where most of the population and services gather around the river Zubizabal. Walking through its streets, we will find remains of an old road dating from the Late Middle Ages, which begins in the town hall and continues up to the arcade of the church of San Juan. This road is the oldest heritage element in Ubide.


On the other hand, the church, dating from the 16th century, is composed by a nave and three altars with golden altarpieces and athrium Another interesting buildings are the bridge and the church of La Magdalena or the Landazabal and Latxa farmhouses. Furthermore, at the exit towards Vitoria-Gasteiz, we can see the Arechaga Villa, in English style. It was designed in the beginning of the 20th century by architect Alfredo Acebal. Four levels, a cellar, a ground floor and two storeys form this construction built above the ruins of a burnt house. The design of its roof and the red wooden-structures in its façade are especially interesting.


The natural environment surrounding Ubide is full of oaks and beeches, as well as some leisure areas by small rivers. For instance, the Olalde leisure area, located upon the river Undabe, has tables, barbecues and playground. Ubide celebrates its main festival on July 22, consecrated to Santa María Magdalena, even though its patron saint festival takes place at the end of June, consecrated to San Juan.

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