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Located in a narrow valley formed by the river Nervión and encompassed by a mountainous environment, Ugao-Miraballes belongs to the historical territory of Bizkaia and is situated very close to the metropolitan area of Bilbao. The urban area with the old part as a unique street composes the town, as well as many streets in the surroundings, apart from rural neighbourhoods such as Markio, Elosu, Astibi and so on.


Ugao-Miraballes' artistic and historic heritage is very rich. The hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Udiárraga is one of the most important ones. It was founded and planted in the town centre in 1779 and it is posterior to the primitive hermitage existing on the Udiárraga mountain. On its facade it is remarkable the annular vault made of two bodies and in its interior - a barrel vault springing from two concentric walls - we will notice a major altarpiece made of polyhrome wood which belongs to the former hermitage. Very close we will discover an interesting set composed of the church of San Bartolomé, the Town Hall and the palace Palacio Jane.


The church of San Bartolomé, of medium size, is made of a nave of five stretches covered with ribbed vaults, a beautiful tower and a porch that stands out due to its geometrical elements. The Town Hall is situated in the same square, which is of neo-classical style, divided into three sections, with staircases and an arcade of three arches. Just opposite, the palace Palacio Jane, restored for cultural use, is a neo-classical building of two floors and an access of double arches of half point over a pillar. Not very far, in the square plaza Lehendakari Agirre, where we will find nice spots such as the fountain Tres Cantos. It was built in 1858 and it is of Neo-classical style and has four circular wells worth visiting. Besides, Ugao-Miraballes has an appealing cultural agenda. Apart from the patron Saint festivals consecrated to Nuestra Señora de Udiárraga, the municipality schedules an agricultural fair by women producers in March and the artisan and farming fair is organised in September. On the other hand, mycology has its own space because once a year the municipality holds a meeting on the aforementioned science.

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