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  • General view of Zaratamo
  • Zaratamo Town Hall
  • Church of San Lorenzo
  • Upoko Pagadia


Formed by several neighbourhoods of marked rural nature, Zaratamo is sheltered by the Upo (597m) and Artanda (554m) mountains within the Uribe Nervión region, very close to the metropolitan area of Bilbao.


The municipality is divided into two zones: the lower and upper. The lower area of essentially industrial nature is located close to Arrigorriaga, by the bank of the river Nervión, which outstandingly contrasts with the neighbourhoods situated on the upper zone.


Elexalde is the main centre of population, a calm and nice neighbourhood, where we'll find some interesting spots such as the beautiful church of San Lorenzo, the pelota court and the Town Hall.


Zaratamo is located on top of a privileged natural landscape and offers marvellous wide views. Likewise, in its surroundings we'll find Upo and Artanda mountains, magnificent viewpoints of the metropolitan Bilbao and the valley of Nervión. In the pass between both summits there is a wide open field surrounded by a beautiful beech wood. On the other side of the pass, on the way to Artanda, the hermitage of San Segismundo is erected, where a procession honouring the Saint is held.


There are some tables and barbacues availabe in its surroundings. Zaratamo holds many festivals all through the year; among them we'd like to mention the festival of San Vicente on January 20, and the festival of San Lorenzo, taking place on August 10.

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