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Municipality located on the foothill of Mount Gorbea (1,481m), Zeanuri is located in the historical territory of Bizkaia formed by many scattered neighbourhoods of rural nature in the region of the valley of Arratia.


Zeanuri presents different beautiful buildings spread over a marvellous natural landscape. Its main attraction undoubtedly is the Gorbeia Natural Park, which occupies part of these lands, apart from the valuable character of the historical legacy the village keeps


Zeanuri is one of the towns in Bizkaia with most country houses in its urban centre. These buildings, representative of the Basque popular architecture, are just one sample of the wide historic-architectural heritage in town. We'd like to mention the church of Andra Mari, which dates back to the end of the 18th century, with three naves, five altars, a choir and a tower. The parish church of Santiago de Ipiñaburu built in 1551 and the numerous hermitages in many neighbourhoods complete the religious heritage. Likewise, we'll mention the tower Akauri, the palace Axpe, and even the Town Hall.


Other interesting elements are formed by the restored mill Olabarri, where the ancient trade of millers is shown. The limestone quarry of San Justo, located in the neighbourhood of Otzerimendi, is very close to the hermitage of San Justo, in the middle of an oak grove. It is also worth mentioning. Despite being inactive, the furnace is in good condition. In fact, every first weekend in August it is set in motion.


Gorbeia Natural Park


All these buildings combine perfectly with the natural treasures hidden in Zeanuri. In fact, the town is within the Gorbeia Natural Park, an exceptional natural space that stands out due to the richness of its landscape and fauna. The deer is the emblematic species in the park and the Gorbea summit is the reference point for Basque mountaineers.


Thus, Zeanuri is the starting point for different mountain routes. It has beautiful places such as the Saltropo damp area, where there is an interpretation centre and a very well equipped recreational area. Access from Barazar.

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