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  • General view of Atxondo
  • Cross of Kurutziaga
  • Durango Town Council
  • Sanctuary of Urkiola
  • Berriz Town Council
  • Necropolis of Argiñeta


Durangaldea, a region located between Gipuzkoa and the metropolitan area of Bilbao, is a land that holds the essence of Vizcaya at its most rural and peaceful, the landscapes and corners of that green and traditional Basque Country you have always imagined.


Durangaldea offers the perfect combination of nature and history: spots of great scenic interest such as the Urkiola Nature Park or the mythical Anboto peak (1,331 m), which you can discover thanks to several marked trails; charming rural villages such as Atxondo and its Green Route (Vía Verde) or Garai, where you can also enjoy traditional gastronomy; and finally, noble towns such as Elorrio or Durango, which have known how to preserve significant architectural heritage, as well as small gems of medieval art such as the mysterious cross of Kurutziaga or the interesting necropolis of Argiñeta, one of the most important funeral complexes of the late Middle Ages in the Basque Country. 

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