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  • Flysch Route
  • Mutriku
  • Church of Arrate
  • Soraluze
  • Tidal platform
  • Church of Santa Maria, Soraluze


Marine villages, impressive cliffs and sandy areas all meet in Debabarrena, a region which has successfully preserved its most ancestral traditions.


The coastal towns of Deba, Mutriku and Zumaia (in Urola Kosta), make up the Basque Coast Geopark. It is a unique setting which, through its landscapes, rocks and fossils, allows us to embark on an extraordinary voyage of discovery throughout the history of the planet and that of human beings. In order to discover the Geopark's coast, we can take the Flysch Route, which includes boat excursions, walks along cliffs, visits to interpretation centres, etc. The Karst Route, meanwhile, will enable us to discover settings such as the Lastur valley in Deba or the Astigarribia and Olatz valleys in Mutriku.


For those who aren't familiar with this area, the interior of the region may pleasantly surprise them: there are extremely interesting landscapes away from the traditional tourist routes and settlements with an important industrial tradition which preserves an interesting historical, artistic, industrial and ethnographic heritage.

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