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Itsaso is a municipality located in the county of Goierri and made up of several rural villages and hamlets: Itsaso, Alegia, Mandubia, Kizkitza, San Lorentzo, Urteaga and Zozabarrotxiki.


In Itsaso you can visit the church of San Bartolomé with a clock dating from 1730 on its bell tower, one of the oldest in Gipuzkoa province. The church also features different architectural styles preserved in features added in different periods, ranging from the Gothic main door (14th century) to impressionist frescoes by Pablo Uranga (early 20th century).


Also worth a visit is the chapel of Kizkitza, in the locality of the same name at the highest point in the municipality. It stands among woods which are said to have supplied timber for building boats in the shipyards on the coast. This explains the maritime flavour of this inland chapel. The forecourt suggests the stern, the back of the church the bow while the mast is a lantern brought from the port of Tarifa in the mid-20th century which is looked after so that it shines every night.


Kizkitza Day

The chapel of Kizkitza has an area beside it with tables to relax and spend a pleasant day. The people of Itsaso use this recreation area on Kizkitza Day, 8th September, when a there is a procession around the chapel.

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