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The Christmas Amusement Park for Children (PIN)

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The Christmas Amusement Park for Children (PIN)

The Christmas Amusement Park for Children, PIN, is synonym for satisfaction and entertainment. The offer will be present in many areas of our geography to delight the little ones. The all-embracing planning provides activities addressing the children of all ages. The little ones will have the chance to enjoy with crayons, bouncy castles, trampolines, board games and entertainment attractions. Apart from common workshops, adults will love practising Tyrolean crossing, climbing, kart racing, role-playing games, videogames, and so on. There will also be room for music performances and dances.


Bilbao Exhibition Centre December 17th- January 8th

It is the Bilbao Exhibition Centre that has arranged a large amount of activities for the children. Rides, games, Internet rooms, educational, culture and sports programmes, tournaments, contests, toy libraries and exhibitions.


Kursaal Date to be confirmed.

Games, special draws, karaoke shows, a tombola, videogames, a track for bicycles and motorbikes, workshops, scalextric, bouncy castles, are just a few of the activities organised by Lankor association to be held at the Kursaal Christmas Amusement Park for Children.


Hegoalde Civic Centre (Vitoria-Gasteiz) Date to be confirmed.

Alongside the traditional fun areas - slides, trampolines, electric cars and more - and activities, the Vitoria-Gasteiz Christmas children's park offers workshops to develop values such as equality and diversity. 

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Special offers

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Date: 17/12/2022 - 08/01/2023