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Ahoz aho - International spoken word festival

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Ahoz aho - International spoken word festival

The International Spoken Word Festival, "Ahoz Aho", will host different events and shows, for children, young people and adults in different towns of Gipuzkoa. Tolosa and Ordizia will receive most of the events, but performances will also be held in Oñati, Hernani, Arrasate, Villabona, Abaltzisketa or Alegia. 

El Festival Internacional de la Oralidad, "Ahoz Aho" acogerá diferentes eventos y espectáculos, dirigidos a niños/as, jóvenes y adultos en diferentes localidades guipuzcoanas. Tolosa y Ordizia recibirán la mayoría de los actos organizados para 2023  pero en Oñati, Hernani, Arrasate, Villabona, Abaltzisketa o Alegia tambiéns se celebrarán representaciones. 

Literary narratives, stage performances, traditional oral narratives, poems set to music and lots more, all with story-telling as the common thread linking them all together.

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Special offers

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Place: / Ordizia / Tolosa
Date: 24/02/2023 - 01/04/2023