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Gorrondatxe - Azkorri Beach

  • Gorrondatxe - Aizkorri Beach
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  • Gorrondatxe - Aizkorri Beach

Gorrondatxe - Azkorri Beach

Gorrondatxe is the fourth beach in Getxo. Peharps the most difficult to access, it is also the cleanest. Also known as Azkorri, it is far from the urban area where it belongs to, but close to the neighbouring Berango.


The beach is located in an exceptional natural landscape surrounded by cliffs and lovely grass dunes, as well as fine dark sand. It is perfectly equipped.


Likewise, Gorrondatxe is the perfect place to practise some sports such as volleyball and surfing.


One of the most remarkable beaches in the area, it is one of the few that still preserves its dunes and is a beach rock break, with a hard surface. At the western end of the beach is the wave of Akanti, just in front of the outermost point of the cliff, a very technical left-hander with different sections, some of them forming tubes. It is surfable up to 9 ft and needs a medium swell to start producing waves. In the central area and eastern part of the beach there are also interesting waves that break on rock, an intense right-hander and a higher-quality left. With both waves, it is important that the wind conditions and the swell should be as clearly defined as possible.


It should be noted that Gorrondatxe has been awarded the Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

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