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Arrigunaga Beach

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Arrigunaga Beach

Arrigunaga Beach is located in Biscay's town of Getxo. Situated down on the cliffs of La Galea, it offers amazing views of the Abra and Aixerrota mill. Apart from sunbathing and enjoying a nice swim, the beach offers visitors the opportunity to practise numerous activities, such as surfing or skateboarding. This beach is also located in the inside area of the Bilbao estuary and therefore needs strong seas to begin producing surfable waves. Although access is easy, it is a little dangerous, as the seabed is sand and rock, and when the tide is out, points of rock appear, so care is needed. Several peaks are generated along the beach, the best ones being the ones breaking furthest out. At the western end of the beach there is a breakwater and next to this, when there are strong swells, a right-hander that makes its way into the estuary is formed. This wave is only for advanced surders as it breaks from 6 ft upwards. One kilometre further north is another high-quality wave which only breaks on certain occasions, a point-break that generates long right-handers. It should be noted that Ea Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

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