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Plaiaundi Ecological Park

The Plaiaundi Ecological Park is located in the area between Bidasoa River and the irrigation channel of Jaizubia, in a setting with views to the Txingudi Bay, in full contact with the urban area of Irun. Nowadays, Plaiaundi is an internationally recognised area of significant naturalistic value.


It is integrated into the "Txingudi" Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA) and the "Txingudi-Bidasoa" Site of Community Interest (SCI), having been proposed both spaces for integrating the European Network of Protected Areas called Natura 2000. Moreover, this space forms part of the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance.


The park covers a surface of 24 ha. It has two inland ponds that are connected to the tidal rhythm through a sluicegate system, an intertidal beach and a freshwater pond.


The interpretation centre is located at the entrance of the park, where guided group visits are organised. If you want to visit the park on your own, there are 17 explanatory panels distributed along the 2-km route. Besides, Plaiaundi offers several spaces for bird watching.



Guided visits to Plaiundi and the wetlands of Jaizubia (Hondarribia) for groups and individuals by appointment at Txingudi Ekoetxea Interpretation Centre.

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Future protected area

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