La Arboleda

La Arboleda

Basque Coast


Converted into a recreational area, La Arboleda was a mining town that used to extract the iron ore.

The former mines are nowadays artificial reservoirs surrounded by a green environment, ideal for fishing, despite swimming is not recommended.

The former mining town stretches out to the Triano mountain. It is located up in the Valle de Trápaga/Trapagaran 7.5-km from the urban centre and the access is a tortuous road. It is better to ascent by cable car to the neighbourhood of Larreineta. Dating back to 1926, the cable car was very used in the times of iron ore extraction. Nowadays, this means of transport offers beautiful views on the Abra de Bilbao.

Just one kilometre separates La Reineta from La Arboleda. This environment is equipped with some recreational areas, sports facilities such as a soccer field, a pelota court, a refuge by the regional council of Bizkaia and the Environmental Interpretation Centre Peñas Negras. The latter has signpost routes at the visitors' disposal to get to know the environment as well as the remains of the mining exploitation.

Many restaurants in town serve the local gastronomy. It is very typical to taste a big plate of beans.

Information of interest


Hiking, mountain cycling, horse riding, fishing and walking.


  • Recreational area
  • Public toilet
  • Bar-stall
  • Fountains
  • Sports facilities
  • Children facilities
  • Litter bins
  • Parking
  • Fishing
  • Sports-gymnastic routes