Northern shoveler (CC BY-3.0-ES 2012/EJ-GV/Irekia-Gobierno Vasco/Mikel Arrazola)

Ullibarri-Gamboa Reservoir


Birdwatching areas

The Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir lies just a few kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz. In spite of its artificial origins, the area is one of the most important wetlands in terms of birdlife. Numerous points of access make birdwatching easy along the shoreline and, a 45 km-long green route circles the reservoir. The shoreline in the southern part of the reservoir is more abrupt. Here, abundant vegetation grows around a series of shallow-water inlets, and serves as the breeding site for several pairs of coots, great crested grebes, little grebes and mallards. Also sighted here, although less common to this area, are the purple heron, the gadwell and the northern shoveller. During migration and in winter this wetland provides shelter and food for large groups of waterfowl and waders. The best place for birdwatching is Mendixur Ornithological Park, where there are two paths, each leading to a birding observatory. Protection designation: Ramsar Wetland, Natura 2000 network and Birding Park Birding Euskadi Information Office: Garaio Provincial Park Office (Álava) Tel: 695 782 498 Birding routes: - Mendixur Ornithological Park - Ullibarri-Gamboa Reservoir Walk

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Birdwatching areas