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The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art is a place where you can learn all about the past and its art forms.


The museum opened its doors in 1999 and aims to protect, preserve, study and disseminate Álava's religious heritage. Its collection originates from loans, donations and purchases from Álava Provincial Council, the Vitoria-Gasteiz Diocese and the churches of the Diocese. The collection is divided into five broad sections, which are ordered according to five materials and techniques, corresponding with some of the major styles in the history of art.


Some of the treats you can enjoy include stelas, Romanesque sculptures, Gothic carvings of Andra Maris and saints, Flemish triptychs, Renaissance altarpieces, and baroque paintings from artists such as El Greco, Alonso Cano, Gaspar de Crayer and Juan Carreño de Miranda, as well as gold and silver pieces from the period between the 13th and 20th centuries.

Information of interest

Catedral María Inmaculada. Calle del Monseñor Cadena y Eleta, s/n - 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Opening hours

Tues, Wed, Thu, and Fri: 10am-2pm and 4pm-6.30pm. Sat: 10am-2pm. Sun & public holidays: 11am-2pm Mon: closed

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  • Conference Hall
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