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Victor Hugo House Museum

  • Victor Hugo House Museum
  • Victor Hugo House Museum
  • Victor Hugo House Museum
  • Victor Hugo House Museum
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Victor Hugo House Museum

The famous French author Victor Hugo lived in this emblematic building in 1843. Built in the 17th century, it is a typical Pasaia residence and offers direct access to the bay. It consists of three floors: the first floor houses the Pasaia Tourist Office; on the second floor there is a permanent exhibition, entitled "Victor Hugo, Viaje a la memoria" (this loosely translates as "Victor Hugo, a journey to the memory"); while the third floor stages touring exhibitions.


The permanent exhibition features items that belonged to the house starting from when it was first inaugurated as Victor Hugo House in 1902. Restoration work has been carried out on some of the items for the purposes of this exhibition. In addition, visitors who stand out on the balconies on any of the three floors will have views of the beautiful bay which inspired Victor Hugo during his stay in Pasaia.


An audiovisual presentation entitled "A Tourist Guide Named Víctor Hugo", which consists of a multitude of photographs, enables visitors to chart the writer's experiences here, which he later immortalised in his book "The Alps and Pyrenees". In other words, the writer's testimony serves to showcase some of the attractions this part of the world has to offer. Copies of this novel, in several different languages, are exhibited in the Víctor Hugo House. Entry to the museum is free of charge.

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Donibane, 63  - 20110  Pasaia

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