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Monuments of Igartza

Certificado de Buenas Prácticas Ética Turística de Euskadi

The Historical Monuments of Igartza are located at the entrance to Beasain, on the Way of St. James' inland route.


The complex is made up of various buildings and constructions: the Palace, the chapel, the mill, the miller's home, the ironworks, the blacksmith's home with the stables, the apple press and the bridge.


Igartza dates back to the 12th century, when, in place of today's palace, a defensive tower house once stood tall. This was in keeping with that period in history, which was marked by wars and instability among the noble families. The Lords of Igartza built the palace in the 16th century and surrounded it with the necessary services: the mill, the ironworks, the press, the stables, etc. These constructions make up what are known today as the Historical Monuments of Igartza.


Igartza Palace, which one can further explore by going on a guided visit, today stages a variety of activities, such as exhibitions and conferences.

Information of interest

Igartza plaza, 1 - 20200 Beasain
Opening hours

Individual visits:

From 16th September to 30th June: Saturdays and Sundays: 11.30am / 1.00pm

From 1st July to 15th September: From Wednesday to Sunday: 11.30am / 1.00pm / 4.30pm / 6.00pm

Holidays, bank holidays and Easter holidays: 11.30am / 1.00pm / 4.30pm / 6.00pm

Prices: 3-4€

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  • Bar/Coffee bar
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Conference Hall
  • Video rooms
  • Guided visit
  • Press lounge