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Lenbur Territory Museum

  • Mirandaola, Iron Valley. Photo: Josu Altzelai
  • Basque Iron museum
  • Shepherding Ecomuseum
  • Lenbur
  • Mirandaola Foundry

Lenbur Territory Museum

The Lenbur project (Legazpi Nature and Iron) began as an initiative of Legazpi Town Council to promote the natural and cultural heritage of the region, specially the one related to the history of iron, in order to contribute to the economic and social development of the area.


The visitor will become involved in the everyday life of the 50's and discover the functioning of the old ironworks. The Mirandaola Park (Legazpi), rebuilt and running on Sundays as 6 centuries ago, its ironworks and the Basque Iron Museum are the starting point of the Lenbur Territory Museum. Others settled in farmhouses are the Shepherding Ecomuseum, where cheese is made, the Bread Corner and AIKUR-Bee Museum. In addition, "the Workers Route" invites you on a journey to the 50s, to a schoolroom, a house and a chapel, to be precise.


Thus, through the heritage elements that compose the Lenbur Territory Museum, the centre attempts to explain the connection of the Basques with its environment taking the industrial development related to iron as the central axis and thread.

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