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Bullfighting Museum of Bilbao

  • Bullfighting Museum of Bilbao

Bullfighting Museum of Bilbao

The museum goes over the history of bullfighting in Bilbao and Bizkaia. It is organised as an educational unit divided into eight periods. The texts are illustrated with more than one hundred photos, prints by Goya and paintings by Bringas Brothers.


Besides, the museum exhibits mounted heads of renowned bulls; bullfighting suits that belonged to Antonio Ordoñez, "Niño de la Capea" and picador Egaña; a sword of "Cocherito"; a cape belonging to "Costillares"; books and scale models of Bilbao's old bullrings.

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Plaza de Toros de Vista Alegre. Martín Agüero, 1  - 48012  Bilbao

Phone:   +34 944 448 698Phone:  

+34 944 448 698

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday from 10am to 13.30pm and from 4pm to 6pm.
NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, JANUARY AND FEBRUARY: Monday to Thursday 10am to 13.30pm.

(Unless afternoon booking for groups).
Friday from 10am to 13.30pm. Afternoon closed.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays closed.
GUIDED VISITS FOR GROUP (OVER 15 PEOPLE) Accompanied by a guide, showing the Bullring, Chapel, Bullfighters Room and Dining room. Previous booking. Phone: 94.444.86.98. GENERAL FEE 3.00€

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