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  • Port of Bermeo
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Port of Bermeo

From the Middle Ages the port of Bermeo has been operating as an important trade and fishing seaport that specialised in fishing due to the other ports' power.


Nowadays, the port of Bermeo has regained its commercial status and constitutes one of the mainstays of the Basque fishing industry. Thus, it comprises the most significant inshore fleet in the Bay of Biscay.


Services: Shipyards: 3 private Ship-to-shore cranes: 8 (6 public, 2 private) Launch ramp Crane: 2 (12 tons) Repair and wood craftsman garages Water Petrol and diesel supply Electricity Weightbridges: 3 (40 and 60 tons) Filter collection Location: 43º25' N, 2º43.4' W Tidal range: 4.8 m Entrance Mouth: Width: 90 m Water depth in LLW: 6 m Position: E NE.

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Fraile Leku, 1   - 48370  Bermeo

Phone:   +34 946 880 232Phone:  

+34 946 880 232