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Church of San Antón

The plan of the Church of San Antón (also called San Antonio Abad) is included in Bilbao's coat of arms, together with the homonym bridge. The Gothic style church was built over the ruins of the old palace, at the 15th century.


It is divided into three aisles of four stretches crowned with a straight apse that does not stick out the plan. Later, they made some chapels opposite the river, making the most of the spaces between the butresses. The volumes are clearly stepped and the central nave stands out among the aisles. The main facade and the belfry do not belong to Gothic style. The facade is an architectural exercise in Renaissance model, whereas the belfry dates back to the 18th-century Baroque style.


Due to the many natural disasters it has suffered, the church of San Antón has lost almost all its furniture. However, it still maintains some interesting features, such as the Plateresque altarpiece of La Piedad.

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Ribera, 24 - 48005 Bilbao
Artistic style
15th century