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Itaida Menhir

  • Itaida Menhir

Itaida Menhir

Itaida Menhir is located by the junction of the track that leads from Opakua Mountain Pass to Urbasa. It is a unique vertical stone pointing at the sky.


All the area served as burial place for the shepherds who in the past lived in the area. In fact, we will find a dolmen and several burial mounds nearby. As it is the case of most megalithic monuments in the area, the menhir is prior to 2500 b.C. 

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Type of resources:

Archaelogical remains

Monument type:

Megalithic monuments


Parzonería de Entzia  - 01200  Agurain/Salvatierra

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+34 945 302 931 (Salvatierra Tourist Office)

Period :

Prehistoric, Palaeolithic