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Following thousands of years of seclusion and sheltered by the cave's fragile microclimate in perfect conditions for preservation, treasures of Ekain cave see the light of day. The Ekain replica, named Ekainberri, displays the paintings in Sastarrain Valley, 600 metres from the original cave and a few metres from the town centre of Zestoa, to be precise.


Once in Ekainberri, the replica will show the first painting of a horse head found in Ekain. And if that is not good enough, the tour displays 70 paintings by the cave inhabitants 14,000 years ago. Most part of them are bison, horses and deer, among others.


To conclude the tour, an audiovisual screening explains the characteristics of the original archaeological site. Moreover, the visitors will be allowed to carry out a second tour across the cavern. This way, they will be back inside the cave with a major knowledge of its features. Ekainberri also consists of an exhibition room focusing on the Palaeolithic art in the Basque Country.

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Valle de Sastarrain, s/n   - 20740  Zestoa

Phone:   +34 943 868 811Phone:  

+34 943 868 811

Artistic style:

Cave paintings and lithography

Period :

Magdalenian Period (15,000-12,000 BC)