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Mendoza Tower

  • Mendoza Tower

Mendoza Tower

Mendoza Tower is the typical example of fortified tower-house. Residence for more than a century of the Mendoza Family, one of the most distinguished families. Iñigo López de Mendoza ordered its construction in the early 13th century. 


The tower, with civil Gothic features and five floors, stands out from the architectural framework and a wall surrounds the compound with four cubes in its corners. 


Once the Mendozas left the tower, it operated as a prison. In 1963 was restored and got back its ancient magnificence and it held the Museum of Alava's Heraldry until 2007, when it was closed to the public as it did not fulfil the accessibility rules. 


Services: Public toilet / Parking / Exhibition hall / Conference Hall / Shops

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Special offers

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Type of resources:

Castles, towerhouses and palaces

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Torre-vivienda fortificada


Mendoza, s/n  - 01191  Vitoria-Gasteiz

Phone:   +34 945 16 15 98Phone:  

+34 945 16 15 98

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Period :

13th century