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The Portalón

  • The Portalón

The Portalón

The beautiful Gothic tower known as "El Portalón" (monumental gate) was built as a lodging for merchants. Located at the north way out of Vitoria-Gasteiz and sheltered by the Cathedral of Santa María, Doña Otxanda Tower and Burullerías Square, the building is a good example of 15th-century buildings related to trade, despite the fact that throughout its history the structure has had several purposes.


The construction was named after its large entrance door, the most outstanding of its features. It used to have a ramp to access the basement or the stable, where merchants stored their goods and carriages to protect them from bad weather and thieves.


The building was restored in 1957 and nowadays houses one of the city's best-known restaurants.

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Correría, 147-149  - 01001  Vitoria-Gasteiz

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+34 945 14 27 55

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15th century