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Old Town of Lekeitio

  • Old Town of Lekeitio

Old Town of Lekeitio

The medieval Old Town of Lekeitio houses a significant artistic heritage. Asunción de Santa María's Basilica, for example, was rebuilt in the 16th century and is one of Bizkaia's most valuable religious monuments. The beautiful construction has a marvellous Gothic altarpiece. The town Hall and the 17th century Oxangoiti Palace are situated near the temple in Independencia Square. From this place, we will head towards Arranegi Street, which is the central axis of the Old Town and where the rest of the streets meet. Many towers and palaces can be found there, such as the Uribarri Palace-House. If we go on Ezpeleta Street, where the San Pedro Fishermen's Guild is located, we will run into the breakwater. On top of the nearby cliffs lies the hermitage of San Juan, which overlooks the complete coastline of Lekeitio. What is more, the visitors will enjoy wandering in the cobbled streets and admiring their ancient buildings, palaces and ancestral homes, such as Uriarte Palace, Turpin Tower and Santo Domingo Convent.

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+34 946 844 017 (Tourist Office)


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