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The Old Town of Leintz-Gatzaga

The old town of Leintz-Gatzaga houses a large history. It consists of three parallel streets that are crossed by another one. It should be noted that Garro Palace, in the middle of the old quarter, is a fascinating construction. The 17th century building has a beautiful silver coat of arms. 


What is more, a fountain with 12 spouts will also attract tourists' attention. It is popularly known as 'As de Copas' and its spouts pour water into a basin. Finally, it is worth paying a visit to the Soran Palace, which was home to kings and queens long ago. 


Totally restored and converted into Hotel Palacio Soran, the building was inaugurated on September 11th of 2008.


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Old Town

- 20530 Leintz-Gatzaga


  • Public toilet
  • Restaurant
  • Exhibition hall
  • Conference Hall
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