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Hermitage of San Juan

The Romanesque San Juan hermitage is one of the most important symbols of Romanesque art in Álava.


It has been declared a Basque National Monument. It is located in close proximity to the town of Marquínez (Bernedo), in an area which is also home to various prehistoric caves and grottos. This Medieval gem was built in 1226, as stated on the plaque displayed on its southern façade, and boasts an array of magnificent architectural and decorative features.


Viewed from the outside, the building has three clearly-defined sections: The ashlar-built main section is rectangular in shape and has a gabled roof. Its entrance is located in the centre of the southern façade. The apse, meanwhile, is located on the eastern side, and is not as tall as the central building; it is semi-circular in shape and has a cone-shaped roof. A third section connects the main section and the eastern side. The doorway is a slightly-pointed arch sitting on three pairs of columns, with capitals which depict acanthus leaves and human faces.


The archivolts and many of the windows are also decorated with plant motifs. The interior, at the main nave, is covered with barrel vaults.

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Type of resources
Religious buildings
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Marquínez - 01118 Bernedo
Artistic style
Middle Age (13th century)


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