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Berrozpe Tower-House

  • Berrozpe Tower-House

Berrozpe Tower-House

The Gothic style tower-house has outstanding medieval features such as pointed arches and ogee windows.


It consists of three floors and the first one shows a simple wood frame. At the rear of the house we will observe three closed loopholes. Likewise, this tower-house witnessed a relevant historic event. Not in vain, in 1479 the building played host to a meeting whose aim was solving the problems between Donostia-San Sebastián and Tolosa. In the past the tower defended Andoain from possible French invasions.


Later on, it operated as a country house. Juana Josefa, mother of Mother Cándida María de Jesús, founder of the Congregation of Daughters of Jesus, was born in that place on May 31st 1845. Nowadays it is home of the Congregation of Daughters of Jesus, which at the same time runs the school located next to the tower.


Visits are not allowed, but the beautiful chapel within the building can bee visited, where every Sunday a mass is held at 12pm.

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Calle Kaletxiki, 19  - 20140  Andoain

Phone:   +34 943 590 751 (Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus)Phone:  

+34 943 590 751 (Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus)

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15th century