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Iztuitza Tower-House

  • Iztuitza Tower-House

Iztuitza Tower-House

Iztuitza Tower-House, which is located near N-1 road at the entrance of Andoain, is one of the most ancient tower-houses that operated as a defensive element in Andoain against the Navarre's attacks coming from Amasa or Tolosa, or Azpeitia's attacks over Azelain bridge.


Mingling Gothic and Renaissance styles (15th-16th centuries), the building stands out due to its dimensions. Although with the passing of time a housing development has been constructed. But the building still keeps remarkable details such as a semi-circular arch entrance on the ground floor, a large ogee window on the first floor and three small windows in the attic.


The roof provides an eave projection installed along the perimeter and supported by means of struts resting against some small stone modillions.

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Karrika kalea  - 20140  Andoain

Phone:   +34 943 300 830 (Town Council)Phone:  

+34 943 300 830 (Town Council)

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15th-16th centuries