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Ateaga Tower-House

Ateaga Tower-House was built in 1666, as can be seen in the coat of arms at the top of the main entrance. It was built following the style of farmhouses from that era.


Of Baroque style, it has a rectangular plan, gable roof, small windows and semi-circular arched entrance. What is more, it has a wooden structure on the façade as a decorative element. The house's history is linked to the family that over centuries has been living there.


In the 18th and 19th centuries several members of the Ateaga family served in the Casa Real (Spanish Royal House). In 1888, Infanta Eulalia, daughter of Isabel II and sister of Alfonso XII, enjoyed a resting period in the house, where in fact, her sister-in-law, Queen María Cristina, visited her.

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Goi Bailara 7 - 20270 Anoeta
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17th century


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