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Bañez de Artazubiaga Palace

  • Palacio de Bañez de Artazubiaga

Bañez de Artazubiaga Palace

Built throughout the 16th century in calle Iturrioz Street and very close to the parish church, the palace belonged to the Bañez de Artazubiaga lineage, who moved from Bedoña escaping from the submissiveness by the Guevara de Oñate. They had to burn down their lordly house in Bedoña. The main façade is masonry work and presents a coat of arms telling the aforementioned story. The Latin sentence written over the door read: "Solus labor parit virtutem; sola virtus parit honorem" (burned down for our lineage's freedom). Balconies were built in wrought iron and the house is decorated with columns. Nowadays, the palace houses private dwellings and that is why the inside cannot be visited. However, the Alto Deba Tourist Information Centre organises guided tours included in the "Conoce Debagoiena" programme (Get to know Debagoiena) around the exterior of the palace.

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Calle Iturriotz, 33  - 20500  Arrasate/Mondragón

Phone:   +34 943 252 000 (Town Hall) / +34 943 796 463 (Debagoiena region)Phone:  

+34 943 252 000 (Town Hall) / +34 943 796 463 (Debagoiena region)

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16th century