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Santa Clara convent

  • Santa Clara convent

Santa Clara convent

The convent, church and the tutor's house form the Santa Clara architectural compound. It was built with the money left in 1675 by Mr. Juan de la Piedra y Berastegi after he came back from America. From then on the Nun Order of Saint Claire occupied the building till 1985. 


The façade is simple, with the main entrance under a semi-circular arch. Above it there is a niche with the image of Saint Claire and a coat of arms on each side. 


The interior hosts magnificent Baroque altarpieces with perfect design, trace and imagery works that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The choir has an organ made in 1777, one of the oldest in the territory. 


The building has been restored. The convent has been converted into a hostel-restaurant; the preceptoría ("Preceptorías") were schools in Spain at which aspirants to the priestly and religious life carried out their initial studies) is now a private residence and the old church now houses the Balmaseda Living Passion Interpretation Centre.

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Convent, church


Campo de las monjas, 1 o Avenida Encartaciones, 2  - 48800  Balmaseda

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+34 946 802 976 (Enkartur)

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17th century