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Torre del Condestable de Fontecha

  • Torre del Condestable de Fontecha

Torre del Condestable de Fontecha

The Condestable's Tower is a bit aloof of the rest of the settlement, which is more populated. This place is a bit isolated, and was by the old path leading to the salt mines. The name of the Condestable's Tower (Torre Condestable) is related to the kinship that the founders of this tower, the Solórzano family, had with the Velasco family, another noble family of Castile. This tower was built around the same time as the Torre de Orgaz, that is, at the end of the 14th century or during the 15th century. The tower shows slightly rectangular foundations (12.30 x 11.20 metres), the walls are 1.50 metres wide and the tower is 20 metres tall. The tower was built with very well cut ashlar, in rectangular lines and with funerary signs. The tower is empty inside. Type of monument: Tower-house. Period: Middle Ages (14th and 15th centuries). Observations: The tower cannot be visited inside. Car park: Cars can be parked in the surroundings.

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